About Trever Roberts

Trever Roberts was born and raised locally in Ventura, California. He obtained his AA degree majoring in addictive disorder studies at Oxnard College and is currently working on his bachelors. He is a certified Addiction Counselor and has over 4 years working in the field of addiction and recovery. He started working in the non-profit sector of treatment throughout Southern California, which led to him working in Malibu. He currently works as Program Director at Good Heart Recovery, located in Santa Barbara, California. Besides working in treatment, Trever has started a non-profit 501c3 sober living home in Oxnard California, Living Clean Inc. Trevor is the director and hopes to continue to help one person at a time.

Find a Sober Living Recovery Program

An addiction treatment program is a powerful place for someone to set themselves apart from society, triggers, and responsibilities of mainstream life. It’s a time to reflect and redefine who you are as a person. But what about after someone has successfully completed their addiction treatment program? Where do they go? Do they return back to the same place they left? The transition from a recovery treatment program to a safe, sober living environment is commonly the most difficult part of the recovery process...