Real recovery is a complete lifestyle change. Overcoming addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma or other realities can be challenging. Recovery is a process and it takes time. While sober livings in Santa Barbara can be limited, Recovery Santa Barbara was created by highly educated therapists and local community entrepreneurs who are aware that those who enter sober living might need additional resources of many varying types, dependent upon what their long-term recovery goals are. Accountability is not something that comes easily to someone who is newly recovered. What Recovery Santa Barbara allows for is the resident and/or their loved ones to know that there are people who will walk beside them through this journey.

It is important to remember:

  • You can achieve long-term recovery.

  • There is value in your strength and willingness.

  • You can set goals and achieve them.
  • You are stronger than your past and worthy of your future.

Professional, individualized and all-inclusive transitional housing is what we offer. Our mission is to provide you with a fully encompassing recovery service that allows you to grow in unprecedented ways against all odds.

Recovery is a magical pathway to finally engaging in your deepest priorities, finding a strength within yourself you’ve never acknowledged before, and releasing yourself from the burden you think you deserve, but don’t.

Dr. Courtney Tracy, LCSW PsyD • Founder & Executive Director

Affiliated Outpatient Rehab Program

Compassion-Based Rehab & Mental Health Care

Recovery Santa Barbara’s Sober Living Home is affiliated with an affordable and highly referred to mental health and addiction Santa Barbara rehab that provides individualized substance use and mental health services to clients who reside both within and outside of Recovery Santa Barbara’s residences.

Good Heart Recovery will assess and determine the clinical needs of all Recovery Santa Barbara’s residents and will ensure they are treated with the highest quality services necessary.

*Please note: It is not a requirement to attend Good Heart Recovery to live in Recovery Santa Barbara. If the Executive Director suggests additional clinical support is required for our level of housing, multiple clinical referrals will be provided.

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