Health & Fitness Package

In addition to our basic amenities, our Health & Fitness package includes a membership to the Santa Barbara Athletic Club offering hundreds of classes, a swimming pool, smoothie bar, a free personal training session, and more.

  • Includes Residential Package Benefits
  • Fitness Club Membership

  • Health & Fitness Monitoring

  • Weekly Drug Testing
  • Daily Alcohol Testing

  • Manager On-Site


Sober Living Health & Fitness Amenities

  • Fitness Club Membership
  • Health & Fitness

  • Recovery SB Personal Trainer

  • Free Laundry

  • Short Walk / Bike to Beach

  • Wireless Internet
  • Shared TV & Cable

  • Sober Housing

  • Swimming Pool & Spa
  • Manager On-Site
  • 3x a week POC Drug Testing
  • Furnished Rooms

  • Twin Bed

  • Daily Alcohol Testing


Fitness Club Membership

Earth Bar

Organic full-body health: juices, sandwiches, smoothies, and more.

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100+ Classes

From yoga and pilates to boxing bootcamp, empower physical health and happiness.

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Indoor and outdoor jacuzzis and aqautic workouts for enjoying the water year round.

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Downtown Santa Barbara

Downtown Santa Barbara is one of the most coveted locations in Santa Barbara due to the convenient beach, stores, and shopping access. Located near Santa Barbara’s main downtown street, Recovery Santa Barbara is located near medical, physical health, leisure, and creative shops, as well as restaurants and other important community resources.


Enjoy a Safe & Structured Environment for only

*Monthly Commitment Required - $1440/month

Affiliated Outpatient Rehab Program

Compassion-Based Rehab & Mental Health Care

Recovery Santa Barbara’s Sober Living Home is affiliated with an affordable and highly referred to mental health and addiction Santa Barbara rehab that provides individualized substance use and mental health services to clients who reside both within and outside of Recovery Santa Barbara’s residences.

Good Heart Recovery will assess and determine the clinical needs of all Recovery Santa Barbara’s residents and will ensure they are treated with the highest quality services necessary.

*Please note: It is not a requirement to attend Good Heart Recovery to live in Recovery Santa Barbara. If the Executive Director suggests additional clinical support is required for our level of housing, multiple clinical referrals will be provided.

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