Sober Living Residence

Recovery Santa Barbara is located within Santa Barbara’s desired Downtown Neighborhood. It is an all-inclusive sober living environment which offers an on-site manager, weekly drug testing, fitness & health opportunities, supplied backyard swimming pool & BBQ, and community supports. Recovery Santa Barbara is located in an amazingly convenient location by the contracted luxury gymnasium, SBCC, public transportation, public markets, State Street, shopping, parks, and more.


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Gym Membership

Recovery Santa Barbara believes that full recovery encompasses all aspects of an individual’s life. Treating the body well by giving it mind-body alignment.

Affiliated Outpatient Rehab Program

Compassion-Based Rehab & Mental Health Care

Recovery Santa Barbara’s Sober Living Home is affiliated with an affordable and highly referred to mental health and addiction Santa Barbara rehab that provides individualized substance use and mental health services to clients who reside both within and outside of Recovery Santa Barbara’s residences.

Good Heart Recovery will assess and determine the clinical needs of all Recovery Santa Barbara’s residents and will ensure they are treated with the highest quality services necessary.

*Please note: It is not a requirement to attend Good Heart Recovery to live in Recovery Santa Barbara. If the Executive Director suggests additional clinical support is required for our level of housing, multiple clinical referrals will be provided.

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