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Sober Living Residence

Sunrise House is located within Santa Barbara’s desired Mesa Neighborhood on the street of Salida del Sol (translation: ‘sunrise’). It is an all-inclusive sober living environment which offers an on-site manager, weekly drug testing, fitness & health opportunities & support, supplied food & nutrition guidance, and more. The Sunrise House is located in an amazingly convenient location by the beach, SBCC, shops, parks, and more.

The Sunrise House offers community dinners and outside community resources which come together at the Sunrise House for recovery-based events. The providers of Recovery Santa Barbara’s residencies have known successful recovery and/or have helped to achieve many clients’ long-term recovery.


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Gym Membership

Recovery Santa Barbara believes that full recovery encompasses all aspects of an individual’s life. Treating the body well by giving it mind-body alignment.

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Humanistic Mental Health & Addiction Outpatient Treatment

Recovery Santa Barbara’s Sunrise House is affiliated with an affordable and highly referred to addiction and mental health outpatient program that provides individualized substance use and mental health services to clients who reside both within and outside of Recovery Santa Barbara’s residences.

Good Heart Recovery will assess and determine the clinical needs of all Recovery Santa Barbara’s residents and will ensure they are treated with the highest quality services necessary.

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Sober Living Amenities

  • Weekly Food & Grocery Shopping

  • Fitness Club Membership

  • Health & Fitness Monitoring

  • Shared Swimming Pool
  • Free Laundry

  • Short Walk to Beach

  • Walk to SBCC

  • Wireless Internet
  • Shared TV

  • Cable

  • Manager On-Site

  • Weekly Drug Test

  • Furnished Rooms

  • Bath Cosmetics

  • Twin Bed

  • Next to Mesa Center:

  • Grocery Stores

  • Shops

  • Restaurants

  • Bus Stop


On The Mesa

The Mesa Neighborhood is one of the most coveted locations in Santa Barbara due to the convenient beach, stores, and bike path access. On a hilltop, the Mesa stretches from Santa Barbara City College on the east and extends two and a half miles up to Hendry’s Beach. Both La Mesa Park and Shoreline Park run the length of the entire neighborhood with gorgeous views overlooking the ocean. Downtown is only a 5-8 minute bike ride away and city college students bike to school. Due to its charm and peaceful atmosphere, the Mesa was voted Best Neighborhood in a local Santa Barbara poll.


“Sober living is one thing. But a sober living that teaches you how to live is another. Life skills, exercise requirements, nutritional guidance. Real life skills. That’s what people need. And that’s what we offer.”


“When I found out that Recovery Santa Barbara was expanding its services to include sober living I was ecstatic! The improvement that I’ve seen in my daughter, with her just working with the staff alone, makes me even more confident in her recovery and relieved to know that she will now be housed by them as well.”


“When I finished inpatient treatment, I moved into a sober living in Malibu that basically only drug tested me. When I heard that my recovery coach was opening up a sober living in Santa Barbara, I knew that I would get what I really needed. Recovery to me is hard and these are the only people that have made me believe that I have a chance. I can’t wait to move in!”


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Recovery Santa Barbara puts on monthly events for the sole purpose of reminding everyone that fun comes from the people that you surround yourself with and not the substances you put in your body.


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