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Facing life’s challenges when new in addiction recovery can be daunting when your housing environment is not purposefully supportive of your goals. Whether you are recovering from an alcohol and/or drug addiction, depression, anxiety, codependency, etc., Recovery Santa Barbara and their team are available to support you through this period of fragile transition at our sober living residence.

We support any addiction recovery path one would like to take including 12-step community supports, psychoeducation services and guidance, a non-12-step spiritual-based path, and more. While relapse prevention is a key component in sober living, we specialize in providing a clinical, compassionate understanding that allows you to develop into the person you truly want to be, in all areas of your life. We work with bumps in the road to recovery and our directors are doctoral and certified-level counselors who will provide general guidance for your recovery.

We offer unprecedented services not found anywhere else in Santa Barbara’s other sober living providers. Not only do we address well-known aspects of recovery such as mental health and community-based supports, we also offer memberships to gyms to increase one’s physical health and bike rentals with locks for those without vehicle-based transportation. We are also located directly across the street from a public transportation stop.

Please note: There are no direct clinical, counseling, or case management support offered through Recovery Santa Barbara as we are a recovery residence and not a clinical program. We have an associated state-certified facility that can provide any clinical services needed for our residents including case management, direct mental health counseling, psychiatric services, and more.

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Our sober living residences offer addiction recovery services for the whole individual. Every important aspect of a sober life.


Health & Fitness

Additional healthy and reliable living accommodations.

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Comfortable, monitored living in Downtown Santa Barbara.

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Bicycle Rental

Includes access to individually assigned bicycle for transportation.

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Affiliated Outpatient Rehab Program

Compassion-Based Rehab & Mental Health Care

Recovery Santa Barbara’s Sober Living Home is affiliated with an affordable and highly referred to mental health and addiction Santa Barbara rehab that provides individualized substance use and mental health services to clients who reside both within and outside of Recovery Santa Barbara’s residences.

Good Heart Recovery will assess and determine the clinical needs of all Recovery Santa Barbara’s residents and will ensure they are treated with the highest quality services necessary.

*Please note: It is not a requirement to attend Good Heart Recovery to live in Recovery Santa Barbara. If the Executive Director suggests additional clinical support is required for our level of housing, multiple clinical referrals will be provided.

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